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EXO Games is a collaboration between designer Yury Gitman and programmer Jonah Burke. They started the company in 2013 when Yury remarked that, with advances in mobile phones, they could realize his childhood fantasy of playing the combat games in the 1982 film Tron. Their first product, EXO: Arena, aims to capture the essence of that iconic movie: the otherworldly environment, the exhilaration, the personal, physical intensity of real-life play.

Yury Gitman

Yury Gitman Yury Gitman is a developer, designer, and co-founder of EXO Games. He is an Adjunct Faculty at the Parsons School of Design, teaching iOS Development and Wireless Toy Design. With collaborator Joel Murphy, Yury also co-created PulseSensor, the go-to heartrate monitor for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. An alum from NYU's ITP program and former Eyebeam artist-in-residence, Yury has had his work featured in The New York Times, CNN, BBC, Elle Magazine, Newsweek, The Discovery Channel, and New York 1 TV, among other outlets.

Jonah Burke

Jonah Burke Jonah Burke is an independent programmer and co-founder of EXO Games. Previously, he worked at Microsoft and Big Think, where Bjarne Stroustrup signed his copy of The C++ Programming Language. He created The Darfur Wall, a project that raised $100,000 for Sudan, and has written the software behind several startups.